We make our greatest effort to publicize the Soto Norte Project, because we understand the dynamics of the social scenarios and we want to consolidate a trust relationship with neighboring communities in order to know about their concerns and interests, and thus respond in a comprehensive manner.

We start from respect in our relationships, as good neighbors and good employers, we have also established a comprehensive and constructive relationship with the authorities and communities of our operations, always through dialogue, negotiation, and especially, under the legitimacy of the State and the transparent management of our actions. For this reason, we have persisted in our determination to maintain dialogue and participation.

In the last three years, more than 92 publicizing events have been held, with more than 2,600 people from Suratá and California involved. More than 205 meetings have been held and more than 6,300 people from Bucaramanga have been involved in the construction of our EIA. These years have allowed us to build a trust relationship that translates into the joint construction of the economic and social technical programs that constitute our Project. From the reviewing of water treatment systems, to the developing of mining and agricultural programs, there is an explicit reflection of the aspirations and expectations of the community of Soto Norte.


María Angélica Flórez y Giordi Mayorga

«Minesa, even before beginning with it's mining phase, is thinking about the social development, in all the socio-economical problems and how to address them from the cultural to the economical aspect.»

Juan Camilo Rojas

«We were really surprised to realize this project has studies no project has ever had, such as the hydro-geological part.»

Emilce Vera

«It is good to come and listen, so that we can know the reality of the project.»

Marcel Sandoval

«The Soto Norte project is going to generate employment and tourism for the communities that live within the area of influence.»

Alirio Lukes

«This is going to be beneficial for all the people in Colombia.»

Key Publicizing Data of our Project:


  • 420 hours of population surveys.
  • Population census in all districts of the area of influence.
  • More than 300 questions answered in the publicizing conference.

The route of #MineríaConSentido [#MeaningfulMining]

At Minesa, we respect the Páramo de Santurbán and the laws that prohibit mining in this protected ecosystem. The project is outside the boundaries of the páramo and we have carried out the necessary studies to model the behavior of underground hydraulic conductivity and determine how to design the mine.

Learn about our project and the area of ​​influence in this video: