Ethical Minesa

Ethical Minesa

Línea Ética Minesa

Integrity is one of the corporate values ​​that Minesa is committed to. We are consistent with what we think, say and do, always acting ethically.

We have developed a number of corporate policies aimed at ensuring that our actions, our interpersonal relationships and our relationships with suppliers, community and governments, are governed by the strictest behavior standards.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a guide to our actions as part of MINESA, which guides collective behavior and frames it within a set of principles under which we ALWAYS must act. This is a beacon that guides MINESA's relations with its surroundings, the interactions between employees, contractors, suppliers, and the interactions of these with the various stakeholders.

By applying and adopting these principles in daily activities, we are demonstrating that we belong to a complete, responsible and transparent organization and that we act motivated by the desire to always do the right thing.

The policies associated with the Code of Conduct are the following:

  1. Policy against Bribery and Corruption
  2. Conflict of Interest Policy
  3. Social Investment and Donations Policy
  4. Due Diligence Policy to Third Parties
  5. Ethical Helpline Policy

For Minesa, ethics is a priority, denounce:

You can also go to the following website: https://lineaeticaminesa.ethicspoint.com


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