Minesa activates a PQRSS Management System

May 11th, 2016

In line with our commitment to the continuous improvement of all processes and corporate actions Minesa announces the activation of its management system for PQRSS (Petitions, Complaints, Suggestions and Requests).

PQRSS mailboxes have been installed in Minesa’s community center, Mi Punto, and in the townhalls of Suratá, Matanza and California. Each mailbox will provide the community the forms to fill out the type of petition, including the contact information of each citizen. The dotted portion of the form will allow community members to follow up on their respective requests.

In addition to the mailboxes, petitions, complaints and suggestions can also be received via email: atencioncomunidad@minesa.com.

Depending on the type of request, please allow 10-15 days for replies.

For more information about this system, please visit Mi Punto or contact any member of Minesa’s social team.


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