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empleos generará el proyecto soto norte

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Jose Valencia, mining concession specialist

"I feel proud, because I know this is the most important development and gold-mining project in Colombia since 30 years."

Alirio Valencia – Administrator of the ‘La Higuera’ camp.

“Minesa is a company that while performing fully responsible mining, contributes to health, education and work sources for the entire community of Soto Norte.”

As of today, hundreds of people from Santander have worked on the design of our mining project, with the firm conviction that it will positively contribute to the development of the region, taking care of the environment and water.

By building this project, employment opportunities will be generated for Soto Norte and Bucaramanga, where more than 5,000 people, directly or indirectly, can actively participate in the development of this opportunity for the region.

 Minesa has an announcement process which is carried out through the platform of the Public Employment Agency of SENA. We invite you to register with the APE y esté atento a las convocatorias que se publiquen por este medio. También lo invitamos que se conozca más de nuestro proyecto Minero en Soto Norte a través de nuestras redes sociales.