Our social commitment begins with respect for the values, as well as the cultural features and traditions of the communities surrounding us. As a result, Minesa’s Corporate Social Responsibility is much more than the development of programs and initiatives. It is fundamentally the result of building a genuine relationship between the company and the community – one which is based on respect, reciprocity, transparency and dialogue.

Seeding the future for the Soto Norte Province

Between 2012 and 2015, the company invested more than COP$ 13 billion in the development of social initiatives in the municipalities surrounding the project’s area of influence: California, Suratá, Matanza, Vetas and Charta.

The programs which generated the most impact within the region in that period were ‘Becaux’ and ‘Aprendo y Emprendo’. While the former was focused on the granting of scholarships, known as ‘becas’, to the best high school students in the region, the latter, ‘I learn and I become an entrepreneur’, concentrated on the strenghtening and promotion of local businesses in these municipalities.

Given the impact of these programs in the Soto Norte province, Minesa will continue them and will include them in its new Corporate Social Responsibility plan to further strenghten the academic and entrepreneurial skills of youth in the region.

sost-22016-2017 Corporate Social Responsibility plan

Our model of social management is based on a consensual and interactive process which encourages the opening of channels for direct engagement with the inhabitants of the region.

To encourage engagement, we have opened spaces which allow us to develop high-impact social programs which benefit all the communities in our area of influence.

Our CSR plan was designed in an interactive fashion, meeting with different social representatives from the communities of California, Suratá, Matanza, Vetas and Charta. As a result, our social programs have been tailored to meet the actual needs of these populations. Upon implementation, these initiatives will bring long-term benefits to the Soto Norte region.

Keeping in line with Minesa’s commitment to the local communities, below is a list of programs which were developed to maintain this focus:

  • Mi Entorno
    This program works to consolidate relationships with the different stakeholders surrounding the company, promoting their strengths and generating trust with the community and our neighbors through the concept of social dialogue.
  • Mi Emprendimiento
    We promote entrepreneurship and support productivity of local businesses with the objective of contributing to the economic development and diversification of the region and its population. We also aim to increase employment in our project’s area of influence.
  • Mi Territorio
    We support regional development projects through strategic alliances between our company and the local, regional and national governments.
  • Nuestra Agua
    Through the development of environmental and educational campaigns, technical studies, basic sanitary programs and strategic partnerships, we work to protect and conserve hydric resources in the Soto Norte province.
  • Sotonorte Aprende
    This is our flagship program which brings Minesa’s commitment to the education and training of the Soto Norte community to fruition. It is focused on improving the quality of education for primary and high school students and increasing access to terciary education. Furthermore, we provide support to high school graduates in their technical and college education.

Our goal is the improvement of SABER test results and, in a decade, transforming schools in the Soto Norte province to become the best in the Department of Santander.